Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

TenSquared Investments’ three portfolio managers have extensive experience managing portfolios for major insurance companies, pension funds and mutual funds. We offer this same rigorous, disciplined and award-winning investment approach to the individuals and families who make-up our Private Wealth clientele.

At TenSquared Investments we are client-focused. We understand that our Private Wealth clients are unique in their requirements and situations. The ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, where individuals are herded together into buckets of exchange-traded funds (‘ETFs’) or mutual funds, severely underserves high net worth clients and exposes them to unnecessary costs. We offer our clients tax-efficient investment solutions tailored to their specific goals for growth and income, while being mindful of their risk tolerances. Our goal is to grow our clients’ wealth over time, so we focus on generating consistent absolute returns because the preservation of wealth is a primary goal of our Private Wealth clients.

We manage segregated accounts on a discretionary basis for our Private Wealth clients. These include tax-efficient personal accounts as well as RSPs, RRIFs, LLIFs, RDSPs, RESPs and TFSAs. We service our Private Wealth clients from offices in Montreal and Toronto.